Alexandria Trevena

My name is Alexandria. I am a 21 year old artist currently living in Princeton, NJ. My passion for art began many years ago when I was an adolescent. It wasn't until High School that I began taking my art seriously and turning my hobby into a career. Since then, I have been driving myself to create and learn daily. My aspiration is to hold a steady business with my artwork and get my name out to the world. I hope that someday I will see my artwork on buildings, clothing, and much more. I believe that as long as someone has the motivation to do something and believes in themselves; they can do anything. 

Music is my number one inspiration for my artwork. I try to translate what I feel and envision from the music I listen to onto paper. I am also very inspired by the horror genre and my dreams that keep me up at night. Some of my favorite artists are Sam McKenzie, Francisco Goya, Salvador Dali, Grace Passerotti, Tina Lugo, Katsushika Hokusai, and Junji Ito.